My Hero Academia Season 5 Is About to Drop a Huge Bombshell

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest shows in anime at the moment, and that will not be stopping anytime soon. With so much left to explore, season five is preparing to tackle a villain-centric arc, but it has to tackle something even darker first. And thanks to a new episode promo, that bombshell has started coming out of hiding.

The whole thing went live this week when episode 107 put out its preview. It was there fans got a taste of what's coming for our heroes, and Aizawa is the one shown front and center. It turns out he is about to have a very difficult conversation with Kurogiri, and manga fans know what is about to come to light.

For those who have read the series, well - you know My Hero Academia hits hard with this big revelation. The manga allowed Aizawa the time to speak with Kurogiri during interrogation, but the choice wasn't just coincidence. No, the hero was chosen because authorities informed Aizawa that Kurogiri might be a person from the hero's past.

The episode promo shows Kurogiri restrained as he talks with someone off screen, and it goes on to show Aizawa in several dreary shots. Present Mic is also shown looking distressed, and the pair are also shown in their youth. The two are joined by another friend with white hair, and as manga readers know, that boy happens to be Shirakumo. The next episode of My Hero Academia has set up a truly heartbreaking episode with these peeks, and anyone who is out of the loop will be shocked when they learn about Kurogiri's true identity.

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