My Hero Academia Creator Celebrates Season 5's Newest Episode With Fun Sketches

My Hero Academia's creator celebrated the release of Season 5's newest episode with some fun new [...]

My Hero Academia's creator celebrated the release of Season 5's newest episode with some fun new sketches! The fifth season of the series is now back in full swing as the newest episode of the series featured the most intense part of the Endeavor Agency arc. The anime had surprised fans with how it swapped this arc with its villain focused arc coming at the end of the season, but the newest episode helped to demonstrate why as Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki reached a whole new level of skill with their work under Endeavor.

My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi was ready for this particular episode as Horikoshi celebreated Episode 106 of the series with a pair of fun new sketches. But because their air time had shifted in Japan due to the broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics 2021, Horikoshi made sure to emphasize the timeslot change with two sketches. First is of the episode's focus, the Todoroki family together with a stripped road teasing the main villain of the episode. Check it out:

The second sketch is Ochaco Uraraka in a fun new outfit that Horikoshi notes was inspired by a girl who appears in the background of a YouTuber's videos that he watches and who can also apparently fire laser beams out of his mouth. Check it out below:

My Hero Academia's fifth season might have been shifted from its original timeslot this week, but it will be missing next week entirely due to the Olympics broadcast as well. The series has announced that Episode 107 of the series will now be releasing on Saturday, August 14th instead of August 7th as was originally scheduled. This also means one more week before we get to see how the Endeavor Agency arc will come to an end.

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