My Hero Academia Unveils Tokoyami's New Deadly Attack

My Hero Academia is moving through season five at a solid clip, and fans are checking in on its first arc. Right now, Class 1-A is facing 1-B in a joint training mission that is putting them all to the test. Of course, bets are on Izuku's class to win the mission, and Tokoyami did his best to add to that fire. After all, he just debuted a new move, and it was a gnarly one.

The whole thing came to light when episode 94 of My Hero Academia went live. The update checked in on Class 1-A as they got ready to battle. Tokoyami was part of the gang, and he ended up going after Shihai and Kinoko during the fight. But when the pair proved to be a nuisance, Tokoyami got back to the high ground with his new move.

(Photo: Bones Inc)

And of course, this is Tokoyami we are talking about. You know the hero gave his newest move an awesome name, and this one may be the best yet. The move is called Black Abyss: Sabbath and is considered a super move for the Class 1-A student. He ends up using the move on Class 1-B after he's unable to get in close enough to attack them as usual.

As for what this technique does, Black Abyss: Sabbath combines the best elements of Black Abyss and Black Fallen Angel. He uses the later quirk to fly up high and pick up enough speed to fly on his own. Tokoyami then shifts Dark Shadow from wings to arms. He overlays his shadow over his face for better sight and arms to gift him claws. Once that is done, Tokoyami is basically a rocket-launched shadow demon that is able to strike foes at an impressive speed.

Sadly, this plan did not go as planned for Tokoyami. The boy was knocked off after this attack was launched, and it is all because of Kinoko. The girl quietly planted mushroom spores in his lungs to suffocate Tokoymai just enough to knock him out. And by the end, Class 1-B takes home the victory. It goes without saying that Tokoyami gave his best, and this will not be the last time we see this move go live.


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