'My Hero Academia' Confirms [SPOILER'S] Arrest

Warning! Spoilers for My Hero Academia’s 163rd chapter lie below!

My Hero Academia came down from its thrilling ‘Internship’ arc recently, but the series isn’t willing to slow down for long. The manga’s latest chapter has confirmed a major villain has been captured, and the League of Villains will be worse off for it.

Kohei Horikoshi shared the latest chapter of My Hero Academia with fans last week, and it saw a big shift come for Shigaraki’s gang. All Might was seen fielding a phone call from Gran Torino, and it was there the latter confirmed Kurogiri had been captured by authorities.

“We suffered some serious blows over here, but Kurogiri has been captured,” Torino explained. “There was another individual we couldn’t do anything about. It was a bitter determination. One of All For One’s direct subordinates was in hiding. To be honest, between capturing Kurogiri and letting it get away, I didn’t know which direction to take because it is a walking disaster.”

Continuing, Torino explained the next steps in cornering the League of Villains’ new threat.

“Afterwards, we returned with reinforcements but were too late. The search is continuing as we speak. I’ll notify you as soon as there are any developments.”


If fans will remember, the last chapter of My Hero Academia saw Kurogiri and his team’s newest monster come up against Gran Torino. The shadowy teleporter used one of All For One’s oldest servants, and its monstrous form was one to behold. Kurogiri began searching for the villain after All For One fell alongside All Might in battle, and it seems the recruitment was worth it. Kurogiri may be under arrest but Gigantomachia is still on the loose. And, so long as the giant baddie is free, the Pro Heroes will have a tough job to carry.

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