My Hero Academia Explains How the Heroes Fooled All For One's Truth Quirk

My Hero Academia has spent years building up its pros, and now, the time has come for those heroes to prove their worth. The manga is working through its final saga, and it seems the final hero vs villains war has begun. Not long ago, All For One felt confident he'd get the jump on One For All, but a twinge uprooted those plans. And now, we know how exactly the mastermind was duped by All Might and a surprising hero. 

The whole thing was made crystal clear when My Hero Academia chapter 344 went live. It was there fans were treated to a flashback featuring All Might as he told Class 1-A how the pros were going to lure All For One. To do so, they planned to use Aoyama's family, but they had to keep them safe in the process. So... they brought in Shinso Hitoshi.

It turns out the boy and his quirk were just what the pros needed to dupe All For One and his truth quirk. After all, the villain told fans before he is able to detect any falsehoods or malicious thoughts directed his way when the power is activated. This is why he believed Aoyama's parents when they set up the League's meeting with Deku, but it was all a lie.

"I'll be able to make Aoyama and his folks talk so that my motives and their emotions won't come into play at all," Shinso revealed to Class 1-A after the gang was told about the play. With Aizawa and All Might at his side, Hitoshi had Aoyama' parents mind-controlled when they spoke with All For One. As far as they knew, they were telling the truth thanks to Shinso's command, and All For One did raise a single red flag.

With Monoma bringing in the calvary with his quirk, the villains were definitely surprised by all of the pros All For One warped them to. Now, the gang is being split up to even the playing field, so things are about to get crazy from here on out. And if All For One thinks none of his other quirks will fail him, well – this latest dupe should act as a cautionary tale.

Did you ever expect Shinso's powers to be used like this? How do you see All For One faring in this final arc of My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.