My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Aoyama's Resolve

My Hero Academia is back with its latest chapter, and it is kicking off 2022 with some tense updates. As readers know, the series is wading through its final phase, and that means war is on the horizon. As our villains and heroes prepare to fight, Aoyama is still sitting in the balance, and chapter 340 makes it clear the boy has the resolve to help his friends out.

For those keeping up with the manga, you will know My Hero Academia took everyone for a big surprise last year. Fans watched with wide eyes are Aoyama was outed as the traitor at U.A. High School. His parents and himself were forced by All For One to be spies, but they have been put into prison since.

Chapter 340 follows Aizawa as the injured teacher goes to visit his student. While there, Eraserhead doesn't sugar-coat the situation, but he does express his faith in Aoyama. The boy is the only one capable of fooling Shigaraki into a trap, but his confidence doesn't quite realize that yet.

"I'm... scared that I can never sparkle and shine as they do. The more they express their faith in me, the more I lose faith in myself," Aoyama shared. "I know all is lost unless we win this, I know that. To achieve victory, I must now be a pawn for our side... I understand all of that."

Aoyama might be scared of All For One, but he is doing his best to push through that fear. Eraserhead is working to assure his student, but the rest of the work must come from Aoyama. All of Class 1-A knows the twinkling hero can pull off his bait if given the chance. Now, they just need Aoyama to believe he can do it himself, and then All For One won't know what hit him. 

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