My Hero Academia Cosplay Resurrects Twice

My Hero Academia's recent War Arc saw some major casualties take place for the shonen's heroes and villains. Perhaps there was no bigger death than that of Twice, the happy-go-lucky villain whose Quirk allowed him to spawn an endless number of duplicates, both for himself, objects he's in contact with, and his allies. While Twice might be gone, his legacy lives on in My Hero Academia's story and one cosplayer has perfectly captured the masked antagonist who fell at the hands of number two hero Hawks. 

My Hero Academia season 6 hasn't pulled any punches in taking major players off the table, and while Twice might have been one of Shigaraki's biggest guns, his death was a heart-wrenching one for his friends and anime viewers alike. With the My Hero Academia manga bringing him back in a rather unique way in the final saga of the series, the heroes are in for a rough time ahead as the fight against All For One continues. My Hero Academia characters aren't guaranteed a long life, whether they be hero or villain, as we've seen the likes of Crust, Sir Nighteye, Midnight, and others fall in the fight for Hero Society's future. Needless to say, Deku continues to have his work cut out for him and we might see more deaths in the future. 

My Hero Academia: Twice Returns

Twice was quite a complicated character, as his villainy mostly sprang from him following his friends in the League of Villains rather than a general sense of malice. When Hawks went undercover in the Paranormal Liberation Front, Twice was more than willing to welcome the number two hero into their ranks despite potentially being a mole for the Public Safety Commission. Unfortunately for the hero world, the remaining League members aren't thrilled with losing one of their own thanks to Hawks' decision.

The Final Arc continues in My Hero Academia's manga, though the anime adaptation is preparing to say farewell to season six. As Deku looks to fight against his fellow members of Class 1-A thanks to his "Dark Hero" stint, a seventh season has yet to be confirmed, though it seems likely that Studio BONES will return to the universe of UA Academy. The current anime season still has some big beats before it airs its last episode. 

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