My Hero Academia: Why Twice's Return Shifts the War as We Know It

My Hero Academia has thrown a major twist fans' way, in the form of a dead villain making a terrifying comeback (of sorts). League of Villains member Twice (aka Jin Bubaigawara) lost his life during the Paranormal Liberation War arc; he was betrayed and killed by No. 2 hero Hawks, who had used Twice to infiltrate the villain group as a spy and give the heroes an edge in the skirmish. However, now that the Final War Arc is reaching a drastic turning point in its story, the villains have found a way to bring back Twice and the battle-ending threat of his "Sad Man's Parade" ultimate attack! 

My Hero Academia: Why Twice's Return Is A Game-Changer

After Twice was killed, it was later revealed that Dabi had taken a sample of Twice's blood as a gift for Himiko Toga. Toga's Transform Quirk allows her to mimic a person's physical appearance and powers set; Dabi's "gift" gave her means to bring her dear friend and comrade Twice back from the dead – and finally unleash his grand vision: an army of infinite doubles that could overrun the heroes' army entirely, and secure victory for the villains.

 It was that threat that led Hawks to assassinate Twice in the first place; by taking the villains' best advantage off the table, it drastically changed the odds in the heroes' favor. Now, in My Hero Academia Chapter 374, Himiko Toga finally gets to unleash Twice's revenge on the heroes – thanks to the scheming of All For One and the intervention of Shigaraki's loyal High-End Nomu, Kurogiri. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 374 SPOILERS


The latest portion of My Hero Academia's Final War Arc saw All For One send Spinner – dedicated disciple of Hero Killer Stain – to spring Kurogiri from his holding cell. It came down to the wire, but the villains succeeded in getting Kurogiri back in the fight, and the Nomu used his Warp Gate Quirk to open portals to all the scattered factions of villains, and bring them together again to fight the heroes. That teleportation event included bringing  both Dabi and Himiko Toga (as Twice) to the battlefield where No. 1 hero Endeavor and no. 2 hero Hawks are battling All For One's main body. 

At the very least, Hawks and Endeavor will have to help hold off an army of Twice's from overruning the battlefield and area around U.A. High School. While they are dealing with that, All For One will be freed up. The villain overlord is healing his scarred body with each passing minute, and if he is free to re-unite with the other part of his consciousness in Tomura Shigaraki's body, the result could be more than Izuku Midoriya and co. can handle... 

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