My Hero Academia Stuns with Crawler's Newest Quirk Upgrade

My Hero Academia's big Vigilantes spin-off is currently in its most intense fight to date as The Crawler has been speeding both to escape Endeavor and save Pop Step from herself, and the newest chapter of the series showed us a major surprise as Koichi Haimawari showed off more of his Crawler training with a new quirk upgrade. Before this final confrontation against the villainous Pop Step began, Koichi began training his hardest in order to catch up with Kazuho Haneyama before she could do any real harm. This resulted in some major changes to his quirk with the newest being a full rocket boost.

As we have seen several times in the main series, a quirk can be exercised and strengthened to be used in multiple ways to give each hero more options. Because he's been a vigilante, Koichi has not been training (since Knuckleduster left the picture) like the proper heroes and instead has been learning as he went on. But now that he's done some real training once more, his quirk has improved dramatically.

Chapter 83 of the series continues Crawler's tough predicament as he finds himself running away from both the villain Number 6 and the brutal hero Endeavor. The two of them are giving it their all, but Crawler continues to slip by him thanks to the upgrades to his Slide and Glide quirk seen in the previous chapter that not only speed him up but allow him to scurry more. But when Endeavor uses his flames to cover the entire ground around and in front of him, Crawler decides to go upward.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Crawler Quirk Upgrade Slide and Glide Rocket
(Photo: Shueisha)

Slightly floating above the ground, Crawler takes a deep breath and the Slide and Glide lights beneath his feet begin to take a new shape. Pointing downward, these become a rocket boost that allows him to fly away from Endeavor and into the sky. Unfortunately, this rocket propulsion does not last for long as now he and the injured Pop Step are left falling back down to Earth when Crawler diminishes his power.

What did you think of Crawler's surprise rocket boost? How have you liked the improvements to his quirk over the last few My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter? Do you think he has any more upgrades to show off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!