My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Ushers in a New Era of One For All

My Hero Academia ushers in a whole new era for One For All with the cliffhanger from its newest chapter! My Hero Academia is now in the midst of its Final Act, and it's revealed an Izuku Midoriya who has evolved more than ever before. Following his fight with Tomura Shigaraki, the full scope of One For All's power has now opened up to him. While his body has yet to reach the point where he can continuously use the full scope of his abilities, his mastery of the various quirks within One For All has reached a greater point than ever.

The previous chapter of the series revealed that Izuku Midoriya can now openly speak with the previous Vestiges following his conversation with them in which he declared to the others he wants to save Shigaraki. Now all eight of the previous vestiges are working together with Izuku Midoriya, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter really helps to usher in this new era of its power.

My Hero Academia One For All New Era Izuku Mastery Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

The previous chapter of the series revealed that Izuku Midoriya now had access to more of the quirks within One For All's power, and Chapter 310 of the series took this one step further by confirming that Izuku can now fully see and converse with all of the previous users -- something that he was nowhere near able to do before. These conversations don't even need to take place within the One For All space either.

The chapter opens with Izuku Midoriya realizing just how far society has fallen since Shigaraki and All For One's attack, and now he's more determined that ever to fully unlock all of the power within One For All. It's the same for the Vestiges as well as even the second and third (who held off from revealing themselves the longest) have now fully come to Izuku Midoriya's side with the newest chapter of the series.

The second and third users still have some misgivings about Izuku's desire to save Shigaraki, but they all agree that Izuku needs to work as hard as possible to bring One For All to its maximum power in order to win. This also means that now One For All is going to be stronger, and more unique than ever before. But what do you think?


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