My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Introduces a New One For All Quirk

My Hero Academia hasn't been shy about giving Deku plenty of new powers as his ties with the Quirk [...]

My Hero Academia hasn't been shy about giving Deku plenty of new powers as his ties with the Quirk of One For All grows with each passing installment, and the latest chapter of the manga has created a cliffhanger that revealed a brand new Quirk at his fingertips. As Midoriya continues to learn more about the vestiges of All For One and the power he wields, he's simultaneously attempting to dodge the power of Lady Nagant, a powerful sharpshooter set loose and tasked with capturing Deku by the insidious All For One.

The Final Act of the series began by revealing that Izuku Midoriya now has access to the quirks left inaccessible before his meeting with the vestiges, and the newest chapter has revealed yet another ability at his disposal. Now that Izuku has found himself fighting against All For One's mercenary, the former hero Lady Nagant, he realizes the only way he can keep up is by using the third user's quirk, Fa Jin.

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Chapter 313 of the series picks up right after Nagant's first attack on Izuku. While Izuku has formed a strategy to keep up with and catch Nagant, Nagant took him by surprise as she's been using the Air Walk quirk given to her by All For One. Izuku realizes she wants to catch him alive, and in close quarters he wouldn't be able to use the fourth user's Danger Sense to avoid her attacks.

He then quickly figures that now's the time to use the third's quirk. It's a quirk he has yet to test on its own, let alone try and blend it together with the other quirk processes that he has in motion, so the sixth and third users try and talk him out of using it. Izuku needs to catch Nagant, and decides now is a better time than ever to break this new quirk in. So he braces himself.

Bracing himself by lowering to the ground, he reveals this new quirk's name is Fa Jin and it soon launches him straight through a building. Taking off like a rocket, he manages to grab Nagant's arm as the chapter comes to a close. There's so much more we need to know about Fa Jin and what exactly this quirk does, but it already looks an important piece of One For All's arsenal.

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