My Hero Academia Reveals Why Endeavor's the Teacher Izuku Really Needs

My Hero Academia explained why Endeavor's the teacher Izuku Midoriya really needs right now with [...]

My Hero Academia explained why Endeavor's the teacher Izuku Midoriya really needs right now with Season 5's newest episode! The anime has finally returned for the rest of its fifth season following its short break, and the series has continued setting the stage for Izuku Midoriya's new work study under Endeavor together with Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki. After Endeavor discovered what's really going to come in the future, he's now dedicating himself to making sure the three young heroes absorb as much as possible from their short time together so they can grow quickly.

The newest episode of the series takes this one step further as Endeavor officially takes the three of them under his wing, and figures out what they hope to gain from this newest phase of their study. Izuku's always had trouble describing his quirk troubles with others, especially All Might, because they can't quite analyze quite as quickly as him. But it's a different case for Endeavor as he not only gets Izuku, but figures out a way to help him through his newest quirk problem. He's going to be the teacher Izuku needs at this critical juncture.

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The series has already explored how All Might's not exactly a great teacher in the past, and while All Might has been doing his best to be a better mentor for Izuku, there are things about the way Izuku struggles that he truly cannot comprehend. When Endeavor hears about Izuku's problems with his quirk, he remembers that like himself in the past, Izuku's probably trying to follow in All Might's shadow and quickly get as strong as possible with his quirk as fast as possible.

As Endeavor explains in Episode 103, there are those like All Might who are exceptions to the rule and don't operate like he and Izuku do. Izuku needs to incorporate experience in what he calls parallel processing. Learning how to do two things at once without thinking (mastering his Full Cowling and Air Force), and then adding another thing on top of that as he builds experience and thus a better mastery as a result.

Endeavor's path to the top might have been a dark one, but if there's one thing he truly understands -- and it's the one thing Izuku knows all too well -- hard work and experience are what's needed to truly advance. And that lesson is what Izuku really needs right now before he keeps getting caught up in his head about his quirks to come.

But what do you think? Will Endeavor be the teacher Izuku needs right now? What does it say that Endeavor's teaching methods have changed from the abusive way he trained his son in the past? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!