There's No New My Hero Academia Episode or Chapter This Week

Just a reminder, there's no new episode of the My Hero Academia anime, nor is there a new chapter of the manga this week! Following reports popping up earlier this Summer about an upcoming break for both the anime and manga releases, Shueisha had officially confirmed that Chapter 319 of the series will not be releasing this week but instead is currently scheduled for a release on Sunday, July 11th. Unfortunately, it's the same case for the anime as some fans hoping to see a new episode of the fifth season have discovered today.

It was announced alongside the previous episode's release that Episode 103 would be delayed a week due to Nippon TV's special THE MUSIC DAY programming in Japan, and this week it was further confirmed through an official announcement from the series' official Twitter account that Episode 103 will instead be airing on Saturday, July 10th, "Dear MHA Fans. There is no broadcast of "My Hero Academia" today. The next episode #103 broadcast will be on Saturday, July 10th. Please look forward to it until next week!"

Naturally the delay of the episode's airing in Japan also meant a delay in the Simulcast release of the series, but as of this writing, the English dub release of the series is still moving on as scheduled. It's yet to be confirmed whether or not this delay will have an impact on the SimulDub release of Season 5 with Funimation, but the schedule won't be reflected that for a bit as the SimulDub release of the series is just a little bit behind of the simulcast.

The fifth season of the anime has officially kicked off its second cour as part of the Summer 2021 schedule of new anime releases, and has started a brand new arc. But as fans have come to know through the opening theme sequence and some major new casting additions, this Endeavor Agency arc is only one of the arcs we will get to see in action before the fifth season comes to an end.


But what do you think of these delays? How are you liking My Hero Academia's anime and manga lately? Are you excited to get updates for both next week? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!