My Hero Academia Drops Synopsis for Episode 111

The war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army is heating up, with the next episode of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation releasing a new synopsis that hints at the upcoming battles heading the way to both Shigaraki and Twice. With the previous episode focusing mostly on Toga, her past, and her new powers, it seems as if episode 111 of the anime series created by Kohei Horikoshi and Studio Bones is taking the opportunity to further explore two of the young villains that are seeking to crush hero society and live their lives free of influence.

While we've learned more about Shigaraki's origins in the recent episodes of the My Villain Academia Arc, Twice's back story will be expanded upon as well, with the duplicating villain having a number of issues needing to be worked out. When Twice's origin was originally touched upon, we learned that the villain originally had created duplicates of himself in order to give himself some company and some friends to talk to, but unfortunately, things had gone terribly wrong. With all of Twice's duplicates arguing over which was the original, they all killed one another, leaving only the original Twice remaining and giving him quite a few mental issues in the process.

My Hero Academia Episode Summary
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The synopsis for My Hero Academia's next episode reads as such:

"Twice found Toga in a near-death situation. He cloned Toga as a way to treat her blood loss, but Skeptic and his minions are going after him. On the other side of the city, a fight begins between a giant and stressful ReDestro and Shigaraki who's thinking about the past."

In the previous episode, we were able to see both Toga and Shigaraki increase the power of their Quirks, with the latter managing to spread his decay without actually touching a target and the former being able to replicate the Quirks of her victims from which she drinks blood. With the title of the next episode being "Sad Man's Dance," expect Twice to also leverage his powers in an unexpected way as he battles against the Meta Liberation Army member known as Skeptic.


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