My Hero Academia Reveals Why the Meta Liberation Army Hates Shigaraki's Gang

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has finally dove into the long-awaited My Villain Academia Arc, which sees the Meta Liberation Army fully reveal themselves to eliminate the League of Villains, and the latest installment of the anime adaptation has detailed why ReDestro's forces are looking to strike Shigaraki and his friends from the map. With only a handful of episodes left in this latest season, the results of this villain war won't just change the face of evil in the universe housing UA Academy, but will also change hero society forever.

ReDestro as a villain is looking to continue the work of his father, Destro, in creating a world where citizens are free to use their Quirks however they wish. Though Destro died in prison following the creation of the Meta Liberation Army, his son has been working to make his dreams come true, with the League of Villains being right in his sights. Unleashing over one hundred thousand members from a small town that is run by the villainous enclave, Shigaraki's gang might be outnumbered, but their Quirks are seemingly evolving in real-time to defeat the massive forces.

My Hero Academia Villain
(Photo: Studio Bones)

So if the Meta Liberation Army simply wants to create a world where people are free to use their powers without government intervention, why would they want to destroy the League of Villains when they are looking for the same thing? Well, ReDestro feels that the notoriety of the League might steal the shine from the MLA, stopping them from achieving their goal of building a new society, and thus has decided to eradicate Shigaraki and his friends from the face of the Earth.

The League of Villains' goal isn't quite as cut and dry as the MLA, whereas they don't just want to use their Quirks freely, but be free to murder anyone and dominate through strength. With Shigaraki attempting to battle ReDestro's forces while also trying to bring down Gigantomachi in order to earn the trust and assistance of Dr. Garaki, the mad scientist who had a hand in creating the biological nightmares known as Nomus, My Villain Academia will change every character involved forever. While a release date for the sixth season has yet to be confirmed, it will most likely follow the War Arc which will see the biggest battle between hero and villain take place.


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