My Hero Academia Reveals the Business Course's Surprise Role in Final War

My Hero Academia has been heating up in the final war between the heroes and villains, and the newest chapter of the series has revealed that the Business Course of U.A. Academy has a surprising role in the final battle! Things have been getting quite intense for each of the heroes as while it seems there have been temporary victories against Dabi and All For One, it's been a much different case against Shigaraki as his new powers and body make him completely unapproachable. Thus the heroes are doing everything they can to hold him back until Izuku Midoriya can get to the battlefield.

As the fight continues in the makeshift flying battlefield for U.A. Academy, the newest chapter of My Hero Academia kicks off with a brief step outside of the main fight against Shigaraki to update fans on how the rest of the heroes are holding up at the time. As fans saw in a previous chapter, it's taking a lot of heroes using their quirks to support the flying battlefield. But the newest chapter of the series reveals there are other young heroes supporting the cause in a whole new way as the Business Course students seek to document it all going down. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 359 of My Hero Academia begins with one of the Business Course students filming the chaos underground of the U.A. Academy battlefield, and while they are told to work, they instead decide to keep filming and narrate the battle as it unfolds. They're shooting a documentary without leaving out any of the details surrounding the fight, and as they explain, their role in the school is to provide support and to promote the heroes overall. Noting that wars and battles of the past have had their own kinds of documentaries, there is always someone there to tell the story. 

Needing to provide the bridge between the heroes and the rest of society is incredibly important for this final battle. This might seem like a small aside for now, but remember this whole thing kicked off as the everyday citizens were starting to not only lose faith in their heroes, but openly protested their existence. This kind of project could help to ease the tensions moving forward because while this war is important, the recovery after will be even more so. 

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