My Hero Academia Shares Aizawa's Wish for Bakugo

My Hero Academia has been making its way through the final war between the heroes and villains, and the newest chapter of the series has showcased that Shota Aizawa actually has some big dreams for Katsuki Bakugo's future! As the final war between the heroes and villains continues, things have reached a temporary stopping point in the fights against Dabi and All For One. That means the focus has wrapped back around to the fight against Tomura Shigaraki, and the heroes have been doing everything they can to take on the villain until Izuku Midoriya can arrive on the scene and counter him.

It's been an especially rough time for Bakugo as the fight continues because while each of the pro heroes have been struggling to do any kind of damage, it's been much tougher for the explosive young hero as he's really doing everything he can. When we had last seen Bakugo in action, he was launching himself right at the villain with full force. But unfortunately the newest chapter of the series didn't quite work out for him, and thus Aizawa has become worried over things as he has some big wishes for Bakugo's potential number one pro hero future. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 359 of My Hero Academia picks up right after Bakugo launched his modified ultimate move at Shigaraki, and the two of them collide in the midst of a huge explosion in the air. While Bakugo was able to do some damage to Shigaraki's face, it was unfortunately far from enough as Shigaraki grabbed a hold of Bakugo's right arm and completely decayed it. When Aizawa notices something went wrong and started seeing Shigaraki counterattack, he immediately began worrying about Bakugo and cried out for the other heroes in the area to protect him somehow. 

He yells out, "You gotta protect Bakugo!! Once he graduates from U.A. he's aiming to be number one." It's a real emotional plea for his student as he not only immediately worries about the young hero's future, but it's also the most clear and present danger Bakugo has ever been put against. It's especially tough for Aizawa knowing that he can't really do anything to immediately help matters either, so it's a huge flux of emotions that's all coming out at once during this climax of the fight.

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