My Hero Academia Explains Its New Double Agent Orders

My Hero Academia's fifth season hasn't simply explored Class 1-A undergoing a new training exercise with the Big Three, it has explored the more nefarious side of both the heroes and the villains with its latest installment and the new missing that has been placed upon the shoulders of the Hero Public Safety Commission's top agent, Hawks. Being the current number two hero, Hawks has definitely earned his place with his appealing personality and mastery of his Quirk, but it appears that he will have the most dangerous mission of them all as he infiltrates the League of Villains.

With Hawks assisting Endeavor in defeating the High-End Nomu during the previous season's finale, he is confronted by the villain Dabi, with the two having a behind-the-scenes meeting that implicates the two are in cahoots. As we learn later in the episode, the Public Safety Commission wants Hawks to not only learn more about the League of Villains in general but also learn more about the Nomu and the biological experiments that Shigaraki and his gang are currently researching. With the last Nomu having the ability to fight both the number one and number two hero to a standstill, it's clear that Hawks' bosses are more than a little worried about what Dabi and his gang currently have up their sleeves.

My Hero Academia Hawks
(Photo: Studio Bones)

While the main selling point of this season has been Class 1-A and Class 1-B squaring off against one another in a training exercise that might determine heroic supremacy, the remainder of season five will most likely focus on the events of the manga which followed the trajectory of the League of Villains. With the likes of Shigaraki, Toga, Twice, and Dabi have the spotlight shined upon them later in the season, it's going to be apparent that the League of Villains has some other threats on their hands outside of the heroes.

Hawks' Quirk is a powerful one, allowing him to not only fly with the use of his wings but also giving him mastery of each individual feather that makes up the wings themselves. Though his personality when it comes to the public is a happy one, there is a killer's edge that lies beneath the surface to Hawks that is sure to emerge as his undercover mission continues.

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