My Hero Academia's Justin Briner Discusses "Special" Midoriya, Bakugo Moment in Heroes Rising

Ever since My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was first announced, one of the main things it had been [...]

Ever since My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was first announced, one of the main things it had been promoting was how Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo teamed up (along with the rest of Class 1-A) in order to take on a new threat without the help of All Might. Things got even spicier for fans when series creator Kohei Horikoshi revealed that the idea here was once considered for the actual finale of the entire series. That means there's been a palpable amount of excitement in seeing what this teamwork between the two rivals would entail.

Speaking with's Megan Peters, the star behind Izuku Midoriya's English dub voice, Justin Briner, has teased this teamwork even further by mentioning a "special" moment between the two during the film that capitalizes on the years of their heated rivalry and new level of teamwork they have started following the Hero License Exam.

Briner began by breaking down what he's loved about their rivalry in the anime thus far, "They have such a complicated history together ever since they were tiny kids, and things that are ingrained in you at that age stick around for a long time. I think it's been pretty cool to see them work through this stuff, in their own ways." But he teased that Heroes Rising pushes this further with a "special" climactic moment for the two of them.

As Briner teased, "So this movie, there's the climactic moment with both of them fighting together, and I think that's really special because it's the first time they've kind of teamed up in a meaningful way and a lot of fans have been looking for that kind of content." Because as Justin Briner puts it, the two know so much about each other, their teamwork improves as well, "You get to see them... they know so much about each other's strengths, weaknesses, that they're able to kind of instinctually balance each other out in that way, and it's just amazing."

But there's something even wilder in the film that even took Briner by surprise, "I did know a little about the final moment, but knowing about it and seeing it are two completely different things in this case and I was just blown away." So now even if fans know something huge is coming in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, knowing is much different than seeing.

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