My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Reveals Izuku's Shocking Vow to Shigaraki

My Hero Academia is coming to the end of its epic War Arc, and things are playing out in a way [...]

My Hero Academia is coming to the end of its epic War Arc, and things are playing out in a way that few fans ever thought they would. There have been some big deaths and injuries on both the hero and villain sides and game-changing secrets that have finally been revealed. At the center of it all, the powers of Izuku Midoriya's One For All and Tomura Shigaraki's All For One have both evolved in a way that will forever change each boy - and if the end of the latest manga is any indication, the entire nature of Deku and Shigraki's relationship may have just changed, as well.

Warning: My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 295 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia makes it pretty clear that the war (at least this phase of it), is about to end. The surprise returns of both Lemillion and Best Jeanist helped the heroes take down the League of Villains for good, but thanks to thief extraordinaire Mr. Compress, Shigraki, Dabi and Spinner were able to open a small door for their escape. Despite some extra effort from the heroes, the villains counter by finally getting Shigaraki awake again - only it's not Shigaraki.

All For One, the man, has taken full control of Shigaraki's body through their shared All For One power. The more experienced villain is wise enough to run and fight another day, and let Shigaraki's body heal and strength, while All For One takes stronger hold of his mind. However, even as the villains disappear, leaving Izuku reeling, Deku proves to be his usual ridiculously heroic self, by thinking of Shigaraki, now held hostage by All For One.

As Izuku finally collapses from battle, he makes a big vow: he's going to rescue Shigaraki, because he thinks SHigaraki is in dire need of rescue!

My Hero Academia Manga 295 Spoilers Izuku Midoriya Saves Tomura Shigaraki
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It's long been a question of where Izuku and Shigaraki's rivalry where lead - just as it's been a question of whether the series would redeem the League of Villains' leader in some way. The War Arc made it clear that All For One simply built Shigaraki up to one day steal his body, thereby giving the villain mastermind a whole new lease on life, in a body more powerful than his current one. Combined with Shigaraki's origin story (being the grandson of hero Nana Shimura), there's a wide-open path for for Shigaraki to get his own Ben Solo/Kylo Ren redemption arc.

We know how much My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi loves Star Wars...