My Hero Academia Explains Why Gigantomachia Finally Passed Out

My Hero Academia's newest chapter explained why Gigantomachia finally passed out! The war between [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter explained why Gigantomachia finally passed out! The war between the heroes and the villains has finally reached its final moments as both sides are trying to find a way out of the battle to some semblance of victory. One of the (literally) biggest factors in this final battle has been Gigantomachia, and a previous chapter saw how Momo Yaoyorozu and the rest of Class 1-A fought to get him to eat a sedative. But while they were successful in getting him to eat it, it did not really work as planned.

Well, it didn't work at the time as planned. As seen through the cliffhanger in the previous chapter of the series, Gigantomachia indeed began to feel the sedative kick in as it started to pass out. With the newest chapter picking up immediately after Gigantomachia started losing his strength, Best Jeanist theorizes that it's because everyone's combined efforts have steadily worn down Gigantomachia to this point.

Chapter 294 of the series continues swinging things in the heroes' favor as Gigantomachia begins to finally feel the impact of the sedative Class 1-A managed to get him to eat. Best Jeanist then realizes that the work of all the heroes whittled Gigantomachia down to this point as the monster did feel the impacts of tearing through all the heroes trying to stop him.

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It was revealed in a previous chapter that Gigantomachia's quirks seem to be activated through direct orders from Tomura Shigaraki, and it looks like that continues to be the case. Because while Gigantomachia was able to temporarily rouse himself back to fighting shape with one of Shigaraki's late in the game orders, it wasn't enough to counteract the physical toll the fight had taken on his body.

This thankfully provides enough of a weakness to bring Gigantomachia back down to Earth after being portrayed as an invincible monster. In the future, the heroes will have a suitable plan to counteract its incredible power should they fight him again. But it's also the same case for the villains as Shigaraki will likely be better off next time around.

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