My Hero Academia Redeems Lady Nagant with a Major Reveal

My Hero Academia knows a thing or three about redemption. From Endeavor to Bakugo, the series is [...]

My Hero Academia knows a thing or three about redemption. From Endeavor to Bakugo, the series is working with several heroes to bring them to their fullest potential, but they aren't the only ones in sight. My Hero Academia isn't afraid to claw villains back to the light, and that is what happened in the manga's most recent chapter.

The whole thing went live after Lady Nagant was finally caught by Izuku. Their tense battle closed once Nagant's rifle was broken by Izuku and his newfound speed. All For One saw this coming which is why he detonated Nagant from afar, but she did not pass out before redeeming herself.

My Hero Academia Anime Lady Nagant
(Photo: Shueisha)

After a bit of convincing by Hawks, Nagant decided to embrace the heroic shreds still woven into her. That was when she told the pro heroes about All For One's plans. "Within two months, I was supposed to bring the target to a mansion in the Haibori Woods. Not just me, he reached out to some others," she revealed.

The moment was an epic one as it solidified the observation Izuku made during the battle. Nagant might be jaded something fierce, but she is far from a cold-blood baddie. The tenants of hero society left Nagant on her own, but Izuku knows there is still good in her. The sniper refused to kill Izuku and Overhaul on sight despite having every chance to do so. And now, Nagant's confession has opened the door to the sniper going back to her heroic roots.

Of course, that can only happen if she lives. Endeavor did call a medic for Nagant after she finished speaking, so it seems she is still alive. The only question that remains is if she stays that way. Sir Nighteye was not so lucky following his fight with Overhaul, but Gran Torino survived his encounter with Shigaraki. Nagant's life is in the balance for now, and My Hero Academia fans hope she gets the chance to right some wrongs in the future.

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