My Hero Academia Fan Spots a Subtle One For All Easter Egg

My Hero Academia is still figuring out the inner workings of One For All, but fans have learned a lot already. All Might has shared his wisdom regarding the quirk, and Izuku has pieced a fair bit of information together. The advent of its vestiges certainly threw the boy for a loop. And thanks to one fan, netizens can spot a super subtle easter egg dedicated to One For All that many failed to catch.

The Easter egg was noted over on Twitter by the user sandypsyche. It was there she noticed an intriguing fact about Shigaraki's All For One gift after he used Ragdoll's quirk to search out Izuku. Fans will remember how the boy and his friends appeared through the quirk's lens, but Izuku was shown differently.

If you will recall, Bakugo and the gang were all represented by simple four-point stars, but Izuku had numerous points. Fans thought the design was due to Shigaraki's targeting, but that is not the case. It turns out Izuku's star is a simple four-point piece, but it overlaps with those of the other One For All users.

This was discovered after a recent chapter of My Hero Academia explored Izuku a bit more. The manga forced Izuku to fight with Shigaraki in his mind recently as One For All and All For One duked it out. It was there the former endorsed Izuku to wield One For All, and the scene showed the boy being backed by the vestiges. These characters were represented by the same four-point stars shown through Ragdoll's quirk, so it makes sense they would overlap over Izuku.

This subtle detail shows how much forethought goes into My Hero Academia each week. Creator Kohei Horikoshi knows how to set things up for a payoff, and fans are forever grateful. So as you continue reading the manga, make sure to look out for other niche nods like this one!


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