My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up a Big Ingenium Mission

My Hero Academia is all about its legacy heroes, and Izuku is proof enough of the concept. The series has never been afraid to follow new heroes as they take on mantles once held by those they admire. For Tenya, this became true when he watched his older brother fall into retirement following a devastating injury. And now, a new manga throwback promises to show fans how Tensei Iida worked in his prime.

The story comes from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, the prequel to the manga's mainline story. The series has been preoccupied with a villain uprising as of late, and our resident vigilante Crawler is set on protecting his friend amidst the situation. However, the authorities have had enough of his meddling, and Ingenium is sent out to arrest Crawler once and for all.

my hero academia ingenium

The moment can be found here at Ingenium is called in to take down Crawler. His goal is to "capture the high-speed villain known as The Crawler" so you can see why Detective Tsukauchi brought in this pro. There are few heroes faster than Ingenium, but fans will most definitely take offense to Crawler being called a villain. Sure, his vigilante status may not be legal, but he is far from a villain. Ingenium will find that out for himself before long, but for now, the pro has been sent to apprehend him.

This game of chase will be a thrilling one for My Hero Academia readers, and it is extra special given Tensei's role in the main series. Fans did not get to see the hero in action much before he was forced to retire. This throwback gives fans a chance to see Ingenium work in his prime, and it might show how Tenya will fair in battle once he graduates from UA Academy. After all, Tenya has said he wants to be just like his older brother, so fans will learn exactly what he means thanks to this ambitious cat-and-mouse mission.

What do you make of this big My Hero Academia mission? Are you excited to see Tensei in his prime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.