My Hero Academia Kicks Off the Liberation Revolution with an Explosive Bang

The next big battle of My Hero Academia has begun in its manga with the arrival of the 'Liberation [...]

The next big battle of My Hero Academia has begun in its manga with the arrival of the "Liberation Revolution" and it may just be the most terrifying, deadly war that the students of UA Academy has ever faced! With the manga focusing on the assault of the heroes of the world against the ever expanding Paranormal Liberation Front, the heroes young and old luckily have the upper hand with the element of surprise on their side. As the heroes charge into action, it's clear that this battle will be one for the record books in the franchise's history!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 263 of My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to steer clear now if you're looking to avoid spoilers as we'll be doing a deep dive into some serious spoiler territory!

As the heroes assemble to take down a faction of the Paranormal Liberation Front during a "conference", the young heroes in Class 1-A struggle with the fight that's about to be brought to their doorsteps. The chapter itself specifically focuses on Kaminari, the young electric hero whose quirk allows him to discharge large amounts of electric energy that causes him to lose various levels of intelligence temporarily. Needless to say, it's understandable as this is a serious undertaking that potentially involves tens of thousands of super villains.

As the young heroes begin the charge, Kaminari is told by Tokoyami that the shadow hero has learned a lot from the electric hero's influence, specifically from his guitar playing of all things! As Kaminari begins working on his courage, he is encouraged by both the UA Academy teacher Midnight and by his fellow classmate Jiro in strengthening his resolve. With the teenage heroes entering the fray, it's clear that Kaminari may be one of the best suited protagonists for this mission.

As the Paranormal Liberation Front find themselves with their pants down, the Violet and Black regiments move toward containing the hero attack, involving a super charged super villain that holds powers similar to those of Kaminari. With the antagonist unleashing an attack, it is instantly nullified thanks in part to Chargebolt's absorption technique. It's a good sign for the heroes that the UA Academy students are leaping into the fray and overcoming their fear, but they still have a long way to go before the battle has reached its end.

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