SDCC Panel Recap: 'My Hero Academia' Ft. Creator Kohei Horikoshi

Comic-Con International is here, and My Hero Academia is taking over. ComicBook is present and has [...]

Comic-Con International is here, and My Hero Academia is taking over. ComicBook is present and has your lowdown on all thing My Hero Academia as the creator is in the house. You can check out our bullet-point breakdown of the panel live below!

Questions Asked To Kohei Horikoshi:

You have one of the hottest series in japan and america.

Now that I am in this room, it is starting to don on me how many fans I have over here.

Why did you want to become a mangaka?

I've always liked drawing ever since I was in grade school. what is a job that involves drawing. Being a mangka involves drawing. That is a job.

How to make manga about superheroes?

I grew up watching superheroes in anime, manga. Those character are some characters I looked up to. I decided to make my manga about it.

Favorite American super hero and why?

Spider-man. First and foremost. His character design. It never gets old. They are always coming up with something fresh. He is very relatable.

Can you tell us about your design process? Where do you start?

So, for this, I don't have a very direct answer to it. I really start with the character's role in the story. or then I start with the design and then figure out where they fit in for the story.

What character in the series do you most relate to and why?


How the heck did you come up with Mineta?

Just from grapes.

What does hero mean to you?

A hero is someone who gives you anti-anxiety from their presence and existence. that has changed over the course of my work. the more i work, the more my answer will change.

If you could have a quirk from a character, who would you choose and why?

Todoroki. I hate the heat, so Todoroki would give me a built in A/C.

KH then drew a photo of Izuku. The voice actors continued to rib jokes as the creator inked his drawing. Christopher Sabat (All Might) and Justin Briner (Izuku Midoriya) talked about how they go their roles. As for Briner, he said he did research, and both of them auditioned. The director of the English dub (Colleen Clinkenbeard) made Sabat auditioned about five times as he got closer and closer to the role.

As for Briner, he had one audition and then didn't hear anything. He auditioned for everyone in Class 1-A possible. He resonated most with Deku in terms of vocals and personality.

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