My Hero Academia Season 4 Theme Song Artists Comment on Upcoming Tracks

My Hero Academia is getting ready for its big anime return with the fourth season of the series premiering this October, and things are steadily coming along as fans are getting clued into what they can expect from the next batch of the anime. The latest piece of the puzzle was the reveal for the new opening and ending themes of the series, and it was announced that the new opening theme, "Polaris," will be performed by BLUE ENCOUNT, and the new ending theme, "A Voyage's Ballad," as performed by Sayuri.

The two performers are excited to join the select group of theme song artists for the My Hero Academia, and have shared their comments about the recent reveal! Thanks to @aitaikimochi on Twitter, now we have full translations!

BLUE ENCOUNT had the following to say about performing the new opening theme, "We made the song with the thought of 'even if my own life was on the line, I want to protect the smile of the person important to me.' I think during the moment that feeling appears, that person becomes someone else's hero. We wanted to create a song that cheers on those types of heroes. This song is possibly one of the best that we have ever made as we put our whole into it. I hope that along the start of the new anime and story, your heart can catch fire with this song as well!"

Sayuri had the following to say about performing the new ending theme, "For me, My Hero Academia gives me a sort of power that always stays by my side, and because of that, it's a series that acts as a protector for many. I thought to myself that I wanted to sing that kind of song as I wrote 'A Voyage's Ballad.' I hope this ending song can be one that progresses with the story and one that people can enjoy!"

My Hero Academia's fourth season will officially premiere on October 12th in Japan. Funimation have confirmed that they will be streaming the series upon its release, but there is currently no word on a release date for the SimulDub of the series as of this writing. By the sounds of these comments, it's going to be an intense season to come.