My Hero Academia Season 5 Hypes Shinso's Comeback in New Trailer

My Hero Academia is hyping Hitoshi Shinso's big return to the anime with a new trailer for Season [...]

My Hero Academia is hyping Hitoshi Shinso's big return to the anime with a new trailer for Season 5 of the series! When My Hero Academia first revealed a look at the fifth season of the series, one thing that instantly caught fans' attention was the fact that Shinso seemed to be a part of the hero battles between Class 1-A and 1-B. After making a huge impact with fans during the School Festival arc, there was a big surprise in the fact that he was seemingly included with the hero kids a few seasons later.

Now this has been confirmed to be the case with the newest trailer for My Hero Academia's fifth season. Premiering in Japan on March 27th, the fifth season of the series will be tackling the Joint Training arc that pits Class 1-A and Class 1-B against one another to see how much their respective classes have grown. Of course, this also includes Shinso thrown into the mix.

The newest trailer released during My Hero Academia's presentation during Jump Festa 2021 Online shows more of the action that fans will see during the Joint Training arc. This will most likely encompass the first cour of the new season overall, but there will be plenty of intense moments as anime fans will get to see the skills Class 1-B has been developing off-screen while 1-A has been fighting villains.

While Shinso noted how his quirk was not a good fit for hero work during his fight against Izuku Midoriya in the second season, the looks we get at his return in the fifth season reveal how he's managed to leverage the playing field with some new tech to highlight his brainwashing quirk. But eagle-eyed fans were likely to notice one other big part of his fighting style as a hero that will be shown in the fifth season of the series.

Shinso won't be the only major return in My Hero Academia's fifth season, nor will his development be the only thing the new episodes will capitalize on. Not only does the fifth season need to follow up on that massive One For All cliffhanger, but there are some major questions still needing to be answered!

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