My Hero Academia Cosplay Hops with Mirko Just in Time for Season 5

One My Hero Academia cosplay is hopping to the scene with Mirko just in time for the fifth season! The anime has finally returned for its much anticipated fifth season of the series following a year long wait, and it has kicked off the Spring 2021 schedule of new anime with a bang. The first episode was spent reintroduced fans to the extended cast of the series, but the newest episode actually returned to the events of the Pro Hero arc that began with the final episodes of the fourth season. This also meant a return from Mirko to the anime.

Mirko came in swinging kicks wildly in order to help an injured Endeavor and Hawks from Dabi, and the Rabbit Hero's speed and strength helped to emphasize why she's currently ranked as the number five hero. It's also another great example of why she's become such a fan favorite in a short time, and there's an even better example provided by artist @missbricosplay with some awesome cosplay of the hero on Instagram! Check it out below:

My Hero Academia's fifth season of the series will be taking on the Joint Training arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series next, so it's unfortunately going to be a little while longer before we get to see Mirko in this kind of high flying action again. While she's a clear favorite of Horikoshi himself (as evident through the new sketch illustrated to celebrate Episode 90 of the series), the pro hero world will be taking a backseat in the anime as it returns its focus to U.A. Academy.

Class 1-A and 1-B will be taking on each other in a series of exercises to test how far they have come since joining the school, but hopefully that won't be the only arc we have coming our way as the fifth season of the series has been listed for 25 episodes in all. So while it's going to be a bit before we get to see Mirko again, there's a good chance we'll see her again before the season ends! But what do you think?


Where does Mirko rank among your favorite heroes in My Hero Academia overall? Are you hoping to see her in action in the anime again soon? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!