My Hero Academia Introduces One of Its Top Costume Designers

My Hero Academia has taken the opportunity over the years to explore the impact that crime fighters have had on Hero Society. While there are clearly benefits that the world sees from having the likes of Deku, Bakugo, and Uravity patrolling the streets while attending UA Academy, there are also some surprising effects they have on the world they live in. In the spin-off series, My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, we are introduced to the fashion designer responsible for some major hero outfits and their influence on Hero Society.

The costume of Deku has changed astronomically in season six of My Hero Academia. Following the conclusion of the War Arc, which saw many My Hero Academia characters having a tough time, the would-be Symbol of Peace is sporting a darker design as many now consider him to look more like a villain than a crime fighter. When Izuku Midoriya first received his superhero apparel, he almost looked comical in attempting to replicate All Might's smile via his mask, appearing to look like a green rabbit rather than someone that inspired hope. Now, his visage is fit for the times, though the My Hero Academia manga has seen Deku once again take a lighter approach in the events of the final storyline of the series.

My Hero Academia: Fashion's Greatest Designer

The biggest designer in the world of My Hero Academia is Nimaru Sasori, responsible for both Bakugo and Ochaco, along with other attire in Hero Society. Much like so many other anime characters that sprang from the mind of Kohei Horikoshi, Sasori has a Quirk of her own that is seemingly based around a scorpion. Sasori herself left a patented trademark on both the costumes of the popular Class 1-A students, which many shonen fans might not have initially noticed:

For the most part, the heroes' costumes in My Hero Academia have mostly changed thanks to technology that has assisted them when it comes to mastering their Quirks. For example, Bakugo has seen some alterations to get a better handle on his explosive power while Deku has gained new attire to help in mitigating the damage from One For All. With the final battle taking place in the pages of the My Hero Academia manga, it might be too late to see a costume swap for many heroes, but perhaps we'll get a glimpse of the future and see how their outfits shift in their future crime-fighting endeavors.