My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 4 Preview Released

The final arc continues as My Hero Academia shares a new look at its next episode.

My Hero Academia's seventh season has dropped more than a few bombshells when it comes to the final arc featuring the students of UA Academy. Following the disastrous battle between Shigaraki and Star And Stripe, Class 1-A has been granted a slight reprieve to work on their Quirks for the fight against All For One. Unfortunately for Deku and company, the traitor in their midst has been revealed, meaning they have another big challenge facing them as the heroes now need to figure out what steps to take next.

As anime fans know, Aoyama, aka Can't Stop Twinkling, has been revealed to be the traitor in Class 1-A. Feeding information to All For One in order to make sure that his parents were free from harm, Aoyama was discovered by Hagakure, as the invisible girl stumbled upon their meeting deep in the woods. While Can't Stop Twinkling does fight back initially, firing a navel laser at his friends, Deku is able to talk him down as the traitor is captured. While Class 1-A is now struggling with this massive revelation, it appears as though Eraserhead has a plan up his sleeves 

My Hero Academia Season Seven Episode Four Preview

Kathleen Bate might have died fighting against Shigaraki, but the sacrifice of America's number-one hero wasn't in vain. Thanks to having a few more days of prep time, Deku and his friends are pushing themselves to the limit to improve what strength they have. When the final battle begins, it's sure to be one of the biggest battles of UA Academy to date.

Here's how My Hero Academia describes the fourth episode of the seventh season of its anime adaptation, "All For One's stooge and insider was Aoyama. When Aoyama accuses himself of being a 'scum villain', Deku offers his help saying, 'You can still be a hero.' What is Aizawa's strategy...?"

On the manga front, many readers are theorizing that My Hero Academia's story could end as early as this summer. Certainly, based on recent events in the printed story, fans should get ready to say goodbye to Deku and UA Academy after over ten years in the anime game. 

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