My Hero Academia Shows Us Endeavor's Weakness

My Hero Academia has ended its fourth season with a titanic battle between Endeavor, Hawks, and the League of Villains' High End Nomu and in doing so, has shown us the weakness of the current number one hero. When the brawl came to a close, Endeavor was able to cement himself as the top hero in the world but unfortunately did not become the victor without getting some battle scars. Each Quirk comes with a weakness that must be overcome, and Endeavor's is no different as this episode brings to light the balance he must deal with!

Endeavor's Quirk allows him to manufacture extreme levels of heat from the fire that surrounds him, releasing attacks such as the "Prominence Burn" that can surround his targets in blinding flames. In doing so, the number one hero expands serious levels of energy within himself, eating away at his nutrients while making him weaker with each expenditure of his powers. Much like the other heroes of My Hero Academia, Endeavor has worked diligently to overcome his weakness and releasing heavy amounts of fire when it comes to his bigger battles.

In the fight against the "High End Nomu", the number one hero teams up alongside Hawks to both battle the genetic nightmare as well as save a number of civilians who are caught in the crossfire. With Hawks basically working as the "rescuer" in this scenario and Endeavor going on offense, the number one hero suffers some serious injuries as he begins to learn that the damage he delivers to the League of Villains' creation does nothing. With the Nomu having the ability to regenerate, it added a brand new wrinkle to the battle and caused Endeavor's weakness to be front and center as he used serious amounts of energy to expend his Quirk.

Despite his weakness, Endeavor definitely is able to go "Plus Ultra" as he unleashes the full extent of his powers and burns the Nomu to the point where it is unable to regenerate. With his strength displayed and the city saved, Endeavor strikes a pose and not only cements his position as the number one hero but also as the new Symbol of Peace!


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