My Hero Academia Unveils Todoroki's Vow About Dabi

My Hero Academia unveiled Shoto Todoroki's vow about Dabi in the newest chapter of the series! My [...]

My Hero Academia unveiled Shoto Todoroki's vow about Dabi in the newest chapter of the series! My Hero Academia was steeped in a massive clash between the heroes and villains for the past year, and Shoto Todoroki took some of the most intense hits of the fight overall as Dabi revealed his past connections to Endeavor and the Todoroki family to the public at large. Shoto himself discovered how unhinged Dabi is going to be now that it's been confirmed that he's also a member of the Todoroki family, and Shoto is taking things into his own hands as a result.

Chapter 298 of the series continues My Hero Academia's exploration of the immediate fallout of the massive fight between the heroes and villains, and this includes an update on how Shoto Todoroki is feeling after finding out that Dabi is actually his missing older brother Toya Todoroki. Knowing that Dabi is going to be relentless from now on, the chapter sees him vowing to be the one to stop him.

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Following the massive battle, it's revealed that Endeavor has been unconscious following the fight. Shoto is doing a little better, but he can't help but piece together the lead in to this war overall. Thinking back to how Dabi's flames were running hotter than his father's, he notes how Dabi's hate filled flames make Dabi just like how he used to be before his fight with Izuku Midoriya during the Sports Festival.

Feeling that Dabi is just like he was when he was wrecking his own body and pushed himself to the brink, Shoto vows that he will be the one to fight against Dabi and handle Toya. Going as far to say that their father will not be able to do this, Shoto is now aiming directly for Toya in the fights ahead. It's a family matter after all, and their father has a lot more that he's got to deal with as the number one hero.

But what do you think of Shoto Todoroki's vow to take on his brother Toya? Curious to see what this leads to in the coming chapters in the series? Do you think Shoto will be able to talk some sense into his brother before it's too late? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!