My Hero Academia Reveals Dabi's True Identity

There are a lot of theories floating around the My Hero Academia fandom, and a great many of them have to do with Dabi. The villain made a great impression on fans following their first episode, and the manga has only pushed the character further in recent months. As of late, fans grew convinced that the series was ready to drop important details about Dabi's background, and they were right. His full identity has been made clear, and it turns out fans were spot-on with their predictions about the fiery villain.

So you have been warned! Please do not read on if you are not caught up with the manga! There are MAJOR SPOILERS for My Hero Academia below:

My Hero Academia Anime Manga Dabi True Identity Power Stain Connection

If you are caught up with the manga, then you know something is up with Dabi. The villain has been working on a secret plot for months if not years at this point, but he has kept it all under the covers. No one has been allowed close enough to Dabi to learn about his true identity, but that changed with chapter 290. After all, the man has revealed his true name, and it is none other than Touya Todoroki.

Yes, that is right. Dabi is the eldest Todoroki child who fans thought was dead. To be fair, Endeavor also thought his son was dead, and Shoto was absolutely stunned to see his long-dead brother in the flesh.

The chapter, which can be read here, is a damning one from start to finish. Fans are given a dark look at the damage wrought by the villains, Gigantomachia, and Shigaraki. There are thousands of civilians dead, entire cities have ben destroyed, and Hero Society is crumbling with Dabi's revelation. His confession is being broadcast around the country, and Endeavor can do little but what his son burn the world around him.


The reactions to this big revelation are as insane as you would expect, but fans will have to wait to hear Endeavor's thoughts on the topic. My Hero Academia is saving them for next week's chapter, so fans can revel in their own responses for the time being.

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