My Hero Academia Teases Mirko's Suicide Mission

My Hero Academia has put some of its top heroes in a mess of unprecedented proportions. The series is known for being a bit harsh to its heroes, but the ongoing war they've put themselves in will lead to big casualties. A slew of all-stars have launched an ambush on the Paranormal Liberation Front now that it is being led by the League of Villains, and it has pushed one heroine to take on a suicide mission.

After all, Mirko is not the kind of hero to just give up. The ranked pro will either complete her mission or die trying. It seems she is ready to live up to those words as fans witnessed Mirko embark on a suicide mission in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, and she has no regrets.

The whole thing began in chapter 267 when it came out this week. The update checked in on Mirko as the heroine continued to fight one high-end Nomu after another. Dr. Garaki set the beasts after her despite Mirko missing an arm, and the Rabbit Hero says she will not stop fighting until she has won or died.

My Hero Academia Rabbit Hero Mirko Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

"Quick as a rabbit! It's no sweat. Just focus on running. If you're gonna die, get the job done first Mirko," the heroine is seen telling herself.

The girl's rallying cry comes not long after one Nomu lands another devastating blow on Mirko which pleases Dr. Garaki. However, the addition of Endeavor to this battle wipes away that joy. The villain knows things are bad when two ranked heroes appear before him, but there is always the chance that Shigaraki is ready to unleash his new powers if the doctor is lucky.


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