My Hero Academia Stars Says Fans Aren't Ready for Star and Stripes' Debut

North America's top hero is on her way to help UA Academy, but fans might not be ready for her arrival.

When we last left UA Academy in My Hero Academia's sixth season, we witnessed Class 1-A welcoming Midoriya back into the fold following his brief run as a "dark hero." Thanks to the Paranormal Liberation War, Hero Society is barely hanging on but help is on the way. North America is sending its top hero, Star and Stripe, to fight against Shigaraki and All For One, but the anime voice actors are prepping for viewers for some surprises when the All Might-looking crime fighter arrives on the scene.

Without diving too deeply into spoiler territory, Star And Stripe has earned her place as the top hero of the West. Ironically enough, the crime fighter has actually appeared in My Hero Academia's anime before season six as she made a brief appearance in the first movie of the shonen franchise. During a flashback scene with All Might, viewers were able to witness Cathleen Bate, aka Star And Stripe's secret identity, saved by the Symbol of Peace and thus send her on a path where she worked to be a hero in a similar vein. While she might look like All Might, her powerset is far different thanks to her Quirk, "New Order". 

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Be Prepared For Star And Stripe

Those who have been reading My Hero Academia's manga know what's coming thanks to the arrival of Star And Stripe in the anime's seventh season. In a new interview with the voice actors of Deku and Shigaraki, Daiki Yamashita and Koki Uchiyama, the stars hint at the battle to come. When asked about the North American crime fighter, here's what the voice actors had to say, 

Uchiyama: Star is a great character.
Yamashita: She really is!
Uchiyama: Mirko's actions left a strong impression on me in season six too, My Hero Academia has a lot of brave and powerful female characters. I only saw the first part (of the Star fight) but the way the battle is depicted is cool, with the animation you can really feel what an incredible fight it is so I think it's definitely worth watch.
Yamashita: It was amazing! Ucchi you were screaming too!
Uchiyama: Yeah, I screamed.
Yamashita: I can't help but watch with a bit of Deku's point of view, but honestly I thought that the battle of Quirks was amazing.
Uchiyama: It's an incredible and exciting fight, perfect for the start of season 7. I can't wait for everyone to see it. 

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