My Hero Academia Kicks Off Season 7 Countdown With Class 1-A Posters

My Hero Academia Season 7 is counting down to its premiere with Class 1-A!

My Hero Academia will be returning to screens with the highly anticipated Season 7 of the anime later this Spring, and the anime has started to count down the days to its premiere by highlighting Class 1-A's young heroes with some special posters! My Hero Academia's anime ended its sixth season with some terrible turmoil for each of the heroes as All For One and Tomura Shigaraki unleashed terrible villains across Japan, and Deku and the rest of the heroes had tried their best to fight back. But as the season ended, it was clear that the true final battle had yet to begin. 

With My Hero Academia Season 7 officially making its premiere next month after the My Hero Academia: Memories recap specials airing this month, and the anime has kicked off a special countdown. Highlighting the members of Class 1-A with special posters, the first four days of the countdown shared new posters for Eijiro Kirishima, Tenya Iida, Koji Koda, and Mina Ashido. You can check out the cool Class 1-A posters below as we get ready for the new season:

My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 7 will officially premiere on May 4th, and will be streaming on Crunchyroll alongside the debut of the new episodes in Japan. This will be the official start of the new season following four episodes of the My Hero Academia: Memories special event, which recaps the events of the first six seasons of the anime heading into the new season. With some new footage available and each episode focused on a particular hero, it should prime fans for the real final war to come. 

My Hero Academia's fourth movie will also be releasing across Japan on August 2nd, but has yet to announce an international release date as of the time of publication. Titled My Hero Academia: You're Next, this film will feature a story taking place between the events of Season 6 and 7. If you wanted to catch up with everything that's happened so far before the anime returns for new episodes in May, you can check out all six seasons of My Hero Academia (along with the OVA specials and My Hero Academia: Memories episodes) now streaming on Crunchyroll. 

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