My Hero Academia Reveals The Tragic Todoroki Family's Past

My Hero Academia's War Arc has ended in its anime adaptation's sixth season, but despite the fact that the heroes claimed victory, they have never been in a worse position as Hero Society is hanging on by a thread. As a number of crime fighters have landed in a hospital following the fight against Shigaraki, Nomu, the League of Villains, and countless other villains, the Todoroki Clan is coming to grips with the tragic events that led to the transformation of Toya into the villain Dabi.

Warning. If you have yet to watch the latest episode of My Hero Academia's sixth season, be forwarned that we'll be diving into spoiler territory. 

With Endeavor stuck in a hospital bed thanks to the wounds he received fighting against Shigaraki, the number one hero is now struggling with his past actions in attempting to transform his children into heroes that could surpass All Might. When Enji Todoroki decided to marry Rei Himura, it wasn't due to love, but rather was Endeavor wanting to have children with a partner who had the ability to manipulate ice. Believing that their progeny would gain Quirks that gave them power over fire and ice, the number one hero started to train their first child Toya to become a hero but learned that their eldest had a serious drawback to his Quirk.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

The Todoroki Tragedy

During a meeting with a Quirk specialist, Enji and Rei learned that Toya's Quirk gave him an unfortunate weakness, making his body more susceptible to heat thanks to his mother's powers, which unfortunately made it so that using fire would burn him far more often. While Endeavor decided to stop training Toya altogether in favor of raising the newly born Shoto to rise the ranks of Hero Society, the past Dabi wasn't taking no for an answer and continued his dangerous training.

Toya's power would routinely burn his skin, causing Endeavor to lash out at his wife and eventually cause the accident that would transform the Todorokis' eldest into the villain known as Dabi. Even with losing Toya, Endeavor threw himself into the harsh training of Shoto, forging the rift between the two that has only begun to heal so many years later. Even with his family attempting to find a path of redemption, it has yet to be seen whether Endeavor will actually be able to fight his villainous son in the anime's future. 

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