My Hero Academia Shares Endeavor's Emotional Breakdown

My Hero Academia is exploring the devastating effects of the Paranormal Liberation War, and as a result of the big battle that took place in the sixth season, the heroes are struggling to get their acts together as they heal from their many wounds. Perhaps no hero was hit harder than Endeavor, with the sins of his past coming back to bite him following the big revelation of Dabi's true identity as Toya Todoroki. The number one hero might just be hanging up his tights as his emotional status is looking pretty rough.

Endeavor won't be winning any "father of the year awards" any time soon, with his desire for his children to one day overtake All For One as the new top hero saw Shoto and his siblings having to undergo some brutal training. Originally, Toya was thrown to the side when Shoto was born and displayed the fact that he had a combination of his parents' Quirks, meaning he could manipulate both fire and ice. While Shoto hasn't exactly been a big fan of his dear old dad over the course of the series, it would seem that a family reunion is being hinted at which might bury the hatchet in the face of Dabi's looming threat.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

My Shoto Academia

Waking up from his injuries in the hospital, Endeavor is coming to grips with his status as a hated figure in the public eye, as many civilians gathered outside of the establishment, looking to bad mouth the number one hero while also wondering why he isn't able to protect them. While breaking down with tears streaming down his face, Endeavor is adamant that he simply won't be able to fight against Dabi, with the guilt of his previous actions catching up to him.

With the rest of the Todoroki Family visiting their paternal figure in the hospital, the next episode of Season Six is hinting that a family reunion will take place and perhaps decipher the next big steps that need to be taken when it comes to their "Black Sheep".

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