'My Hero Academia: Vigilantes' Reveals Adorable All Might Moment

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter 37 featured All Might pretty heavily for a spin-off, and the Symbol of Peace had some touching interactions.

Chapter 37 of the beloved spin-off manga series follows All Might's friend in the police department, Tsukauchi, pretty closely. The story -- set before All Might's battle with All For One -- finds the hero showing up late to a meeting with Tsukauchi after rescuing the people of Okinawa from a giant monster. Even on such a dangerous trip, he was thinking of his friend however, arriving with a gift and a face full of concern over Tsukauchi's broken bones.

"I've been looking forward to our little meetings," All Might said, smiling. "I'm starved for real conversation."

The unlikely friendship between the two was on full display in this chapter. After seeing Tsukauchi's injuries, All Might said that he would come running to save his friend at any time.

"I'd rather you didn't," Tsukauchi said. "'All Might' can't be taking jobs for personal reasons. If word got out that you prioritized saving certain people, the villains might use me as a diversion or a hostage."

All Might was clearly pained by this realization. After that, he handed over a gift from Okinawa, while Tsukauchi presented him with a gift from Osaka. The two men embodied everyone's friendship goals, smiling earnestly at each other in the restaurant. Tsukauchi opened the bag to find a collection of bath salts and scented soaps -- items that would go on to torment Tsukauchi by the end of the chapter.

Tsukauchi went on to deal with other official business without All Might, though he was accompanied by Aizawa for a time, showing even closer ties to the U.A. faculty. At the end, he met up with Toshinori yet again, where he nearly lied to the hero, claiming he had given the soaps to his sister.

"No, I didn't, actually," he said. "I cannot tell a lie."

Rather than mocking him for his flowery scent as everyone else had, however, All Might asked his friend about his problems. He offered sage counsel on family relationships, as only All Might could.


For those that have not caught up with the series yet, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a spin-off manga from the main storyline. It follows a team of three "vigilantes," or people who use their quirks for good without pro hero licenses. It takes a harder look at the social constructs and adaptations of Kohei Horikoshi's fictional world, while adding a bit of levity to it as well.

The entire series can be read for free on the VIZ Media website. Volume 2 hits shelves in North America on Oct. 2, 2018.