My Hero Academia Reveals How Aizawa Copes With Grief

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has managed to deliver not just an amazing side story to the main franchise, following new characters, but also giving us an inside look into some of the biggest characters and their earlier lives. Such is the case with Aizawa, one of the biggest teachers at UA Academy who goes by the moniker of Eraserhead. With this spin-off series giving us new insights into the early days of this one time vigilante, the most recent chapter has explored the touching way that Aizawa copes with grief and unwinds after a tough day at the "office".

With his time having ended at UA Academy, the spin-off manga explores just what Aizawa wanted to do with his time as a professional hero. Rather than taking the same path as a number of his friends, Eraserhead decided instead to become a vigilante himself, devoting the entirety of his time and efforts to fighting against villains. With his quirk ability allowing him to negate the quirks of his opponents, Aizawa trained hard to become a "dark avenger".

In the final panels of the most recent chapter, it was revealed that the young cat that Aizawa ran into in the earlier chapters of this story arc is still around at a "Cat Cafe" and when Eraserhead has been having a rough time, he goes to visit his tiny friend. This is quite the character note for the current teacher of Class 1-A, revealing that the dark and brooding hero has a tender side within himself.

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My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a spin-off series based on original concepts from Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia. The series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court and is based on original concepts by My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi. You can currently read new chapters of the series at Viz Media for free at the link here, and the entire back catalog with a Shonen Jump subscription.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is officially described as such, "My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is set in a superpowered society, where there is nothing ordinary about evil anymore. Heroes, trained and licensed to protect and defend the public against supervillains, stand above all the rest. Not everyone can be a hero, however, and there are those who would use their powers to serve the people without legal sanction. But do they fight for justice in the shadows, or for reasons known only to themselves? Whatever they fight for, they are called... vigilantes."