My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Teases the Return of Our Favorite Mentor

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is currently making its way through its final arc, so each new chapter in the series has carried that ominous sense of finality about everything. But after shifting its focus to telling a story about the Shota Aizawa in his time at U.A. Academy before becoming a pro hero, and an arc following the pro hero Captain Celebrity before that, the final arc has returned to the core relationship between its two initial vigilantes, The Crawler and Pop Step. But there was another member of this core team at the beginning of the series who has been missing from action for a while.

That doesn't seem to be the case anymore as the cliffhanger for Chapter 74 of the series teases the return of the final member of that trio, Knuckleduster, who has been missing in action ever since the fight with Number 6 and his investigations into Villain Factory lead him to hang up his cowl and brass knuckles.

Chapter 73 of the series saw Pop Step unleash an evil new side of herself after it was confirmed that Queen Bee had possessed her body. Not only was their a clue in her new manner of speaking, and covered left eye, but she unleashed her army of explosive bees just like when she possessed Knuckleduster's daughter before.


With this final arc bringing the villains of the series together for one final fight, it only makes sense that Knuckleduster will return to reunite the original vigilantes trio. When Koichi is knocked back by Queen Bee's explosive bees and ends up falling in the alley, Knuckleduster is briefly seen walking up towards him. This could be a red herring as we only see his boots and trenchcoat (so it could end up being another character), but given how this final arc seems to be bringing everything else together for one final conflict it would only make this final return even better.

How would you feel seeing Iwao Oguro make his return to My Hero Academia: Vigilantes as Knuckleduster? Could it be someone else? Do you think he'll know how to free Pop Step from Queen Bee's possession? Do you think this trio will have what it takes to defeat Number 6 without the help of the licensed pro heroes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!