My Hero Academia Gives Post-War Update on the High-End Nomu

The Paranormal Liberation Front has many, MANY tools at its disposal during the latest arc of the [...]

The Paranormal Liberation Front has many, MANY tools at its disposal during the latest arc of the manga of My Hero Academia, with one of the strongest being the biological nightmares known as the "High-End Nomu" created by Dr. Garaki, and the latest chapter has given us an update as to the status of these insanely powerful beings. The War Arc might have come to a close, but it's clear that the villains are forging ahead with a brand new plan to help them achieve their dreams of changing the world for their own benefits and dreams!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 296, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoilers for the War Arc!

Throughout the latest saga, we saw the High-End Nomu presenting themselves as a huge threat to all of the heroes, from students to professional crime fighters, managing to severely injure the rabbit hero, Mirko. Though the heroes were ultimately successful in their battles against the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front, a good number of the Nomu were able to escape alongside Shigaraki and some of the core members of the League of Villains, wasting little to no time in planning their next attack.

My Hero Academia Nomu
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Shigaraki might have started the War Arc harnessing the power of All For One, but it seems as if his mentor has taken over his body and is leading the remaining Nomu to spring him from jail. The High-End Nomu are insanely powerful, having proved to be as powerful as the likes of Endeavor and Hawks to name a few, so seeing that a few of them have survived is definitely a scary thing for the remaining heroes of UA Academy!

One of the big secrets that was revealed before the beginning of the War Arc was that the High-End Nomu were being created using the bodies of deceased heroes and villains alike, utilizing the powers of their Quirks to create terrifying new beings that could make for quite the roadblock when it came to the agenda of the heroes of the world. Though Shigaraki and his crew might need to lick their wounds following the titanic battle against the heroes, but it's clear that the High-End Nomu will still have a big role to play in the series moving forward!

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