My Hero Academia Introduces Deadly New Type of Nomu

My Hero Academia season 4 is coming down the final stretch of its storyline, and the series is now setting the stage for some darker times to come. While the kids of Class 1-A and their pro hero mentors took on the Yakuza (Overhaul), and even a YouTube villain (Gentle Criminal), the original enemy (The League of Villains) has still been working in the shadows, building itself backup. In the latest episode of My Hero Academia, one of the League of Villains' biggest threats - the monstrous Nomu - begin to reveal themselves again - and this time, they've been given a major upgrade!

Warning: My Hero Academia SPOILERS Follow!

In "Japanese Hero Billboard Chart" the pro hero world officially releases its new top pro hero rankings. The goal is to give the public a reinforcement of hope following the retirement of All Might - and possibly a new Symbol of Hope, as well. However, the new crop of top pro heroes proves to still be rough around the edges. That's especially true of the new top two pro heores: Endeavor and Hawks.

Hawks proves to be a loudmouth who calls out the absurdity of the new pro hero rankings. Endeavor is the opposite, trying to be the symbol that All Might was, and struggling to emulate it. However, when the cameras are off, and the fans are away, Hawks sits down with Endeavor and reveals that his bragadoccio is covering a very keen mind. Hawks and Endeavor have both been hearing rumors and tell tales about Nomu sightings across the Japan: speicfically sightings of "Remodeled Nomu." Hawks explains what he's found, looking into the matter:

A few dozen stored in Kamino were captured along with All for One, and since then the League has been busy, but no more Nomu have appeared. Either that was all of them, or old A.F.O. was the only one who knew where the rest were.... This is not the only place the Nomu have been sighted... They've been reported across the country.

...I heard about it first on a bussiness trip from the locals. at the time, I worked with the police and investigated quietly to not raise unnecessary panic, but I got nothing. So, it made me curious, and I flew around the country investigating on my own. There were some differences but similar rumors were popping up in places that were completely unnoticed. In the end, the were all just rumors, though. Now, This is just an unsubstantiated opnion, but after U.A., Hosu, and Kamino, everyone know how creepy these remodeled villains are, right? So I think some idiot is telling scary stories to stir up the uneasiness, and they spread across the country."

The new Nomu apparently have multiple quirk infusions, including significant regnerative powers, and heightened intelligence. And apparently Hawks investigation wasn't as careful as he hoped - becuase is meeting with Endeavor is ambushed by a flying remodeled Nomu that's 's now ready to do battle with the strongest of the pro heroes!


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