My Hero Academia Kicks Off Kirishima, Ochaco, and Froppy’s Work-Studies

My Hero Academia’s fourth season is sending the students of UA High School Class 1-A out into the field as part of the work-study program. Previous episodes focused on Midoriya convincing Sir Nighteye, All-Might’s old sidekick, to accept him into at his agency alongside Togata, the student who was once meant to be the heir to One-For-All. But Midoriya isn’t the only one fighting alongside a member of The Big 3 and a pro hero. Today’s new episode, “Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot,” revealed who Eijiro Kirishima is working with for his work-study, and showed Tsuyu Asui and Ochaco Uraraka working together at their work-study. Spoilers for the episode follow.

Froppy and Uravity are undergoing their work-study alongside Big 3 member Nejire Hado at the agency of number No. 9 hero Ryukyu, the Dragoon Hero. The episode opens with two villains with Gigantification Quirks going at it, causing property damage and threatening nearby lives. Nejire charges up her Wave Motion quirk to super move level and knocks both of the villains down with Wring Wave. Before they can recover, Froppy and Uravity spring into action with a team-up Super Move, Meteor Fafrotskies, that rains debris down on the villains, incapacitating them. Ryukyu congratulates the young heroes on their good work.

Meanwhile, Kirishima is working alongside Big 3 member Tamaki and the pro hero Fat Gum. Together, Fat Gum and Tamaki take out a whole group of thieves on their own, but one straggler sees the other thieves get caught and shoots Tamaki with a quirk-inhibiting bullet. The thief shoots Kirishima as well, but Red Riot’s Hardening quirk mitigates the bullet’s effects. Red Riot gives chase and catches up with the thief. The desperate thief takes a Quirk-enhancing drug, but Red Riot overcomes him with his Super Move, Unbreakable. The thief takes advantage of Red Riot’s merciful nature to make an escape attempt, only to run straight into Fat Gum.

Back at UA the next day, Class 1-A praises Kirishima for making the news. Froppy and Uravity’s work earns them headlines as well. Meanwhile, Bokugo fumes over being left out of the program, while Midroiya can’t get his mind off of what he learned about Togata and what could be happening to Eri.

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