This Naruto Xbox Series X Knows True Pain

Naruto Uzumaki went through some rough patches in life, but few things ever got to him like the Akatsuki. The organization stood as the main villain in Naruto in all of its odd iterations. From Itachi to Pain and Obito, the group had some truly gnarly ninjas in it. And now, one netizen is going viral after their Xbox Series X learned what true pain is.

Over on Reddit, the user Trio1996 made gamers and weebs alike geek out with a single photo. The fan recently got an Xbox Series X for the holidays. And to celebrate the big buy, the user's wife gave the console a very impressive Akatsuki makeover.

My wonderful wife did this for me! from r/Naruto

You can see their post above in all of its ominous glory. The Xbox Series X has been given a red-cloud makeover that matches the print found on the Akatsuki cloaks. According to the poster, the console was draped with a vinyl overlay that is easy to remove. You can imagine how hype netizens are over this Naruto makeover online as many admit they'd like to do this to their own console. And if this pattern does not suit them, you can find other vinyl covers online.

Of course, this is all contingent on you finding a Xbox Series X. The consoles are hard to find ahead of the holidays, and stock continues to sell out regularly. Retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and GameStop are all tapped out of the console currently. However, restocks have been more plentiful for the Xbox Series X than expected, so you will want to keep an eye on supplies as the winter holidays approach.

Would you care to give your next-gen console a makeover such as this? Or would you go for a different series than Naruto? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.