Naruto Debuts Himawari's Own Talk no Jutsu

Naruto Uzumaki knew how to use his so-called Talk no Jutsu at all the right moments, and it turns out his daughter Himawari has inherited his charm. Recently, fans got to see the young girl test out the technique herself when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out a new episode. It was there fans watched Himawari give the Ninja Academy a shot, and it left them all impressed when Himawari busted out Talk no Jutsu when someone on her team was about to give up.

The moment happened after Himawari and her two new teammates were thrown into a deep well. Unable to get out, the boy on their squad decided to give up and use a flare which would prompt their teacher to come and rescue them. But before the flare could ever be used, the youngest Uzumaki stepped in to talk the boy out of it.

"Are you seriously giving up," she asks the boy. "Didn't you already decide to become a Shinobi? You're going to give that all up here? Then don't give up!"

It turns out none of her teammates really wanted to give up, and her Talk no Jutsu got them out of their depressed stupor. Instead of focusing on what they cannot do, Himawari stresses this mission was made in mind for three-member teams, so they try to walk up the well by putting their backs against one another.

"We'll complete this mission, no matter what," Himawari promises as they begin their long walk to the top.


In the end, Himawari is able to bring her team to safety, and it is all thanks to her sudden rush of determination. She may not be a headstrong as Naruto or Boruto, but Himawari is stubborn in her own right. She is not one to give up easily, and her Talk no Jutsu will only become more powerful as Himawari grows into a young woman.

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