Naruto Is Very Ready to Show Us a New Side of Kurama

The Nine-Tailed Fox has never looked like this before as Two Blue Vortex continues to hurl surprises at readers.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has rejuvenated the Naruto franchise for many manga fans by injecting a steady stream of surprises into the Hidden Leaf Village. While Boruto Uzumaki has had his own problems to deal with, he isn't the only ninja of Konoha that is undergoing some big changes. Himawari has been granted a new status quo in the fight against the Divine Trees and because of this, the Nine-Tailed Fox has been given a makeover that will usher in a surprising era for the shonen franchise.

Warning. If you haven't been following along with Boruto: Two Blue Vortex's manga, be forewarned that we'll be diving into massive spoiler territory for the sequel series. In a strange series of events, the Nine-Tailed Fox is now sharing a body with Himawari, the daughter of Naruto and sister of Boruto. Rather than appearing like the massive titan of a creature that he appeared as in the past, Kurama has made an appearance in a "chibi-form" that makes him look far more adorable than terrifying. Despite his new look, the Nine-Tailed Fox might be as strong as ever as Himawari demonstrates in the final moments of the latest manga chapter.

Boruto: A Chibi Nine-Tailed Fox For The Ages

Himawari's new connection to Kurama remains a mystery, as even the Nine-Tailed Fox isn't quite sure why he is now sharing a body with Naruto's daughter. Thanks to dying as a result of the battle against Jigen and the use of the Baryon Mode, many wondered if Kurama would ever return. Now that Kurama has returned in Himawari, the game has changed and might just give Konoha the ace in the hole that they needed.

Unfortunately, Studio Pierrot has been tight-lipped on when we can expect the world of Naruto to return to the small screen. Initially, the production house was planning to release four new episodes of the original series before once again returning to Boruto. Pierrot is currently working on Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and is taking a seasonal approach to anime, so whenever Konoha returns to the anime world is anyone's guess.

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