Naruto Cosplay Gives the Seventh Hokage a Fem Makeover

Back in the day, Naruto fans felt it was impossible to go an arc without the infamous Sexy no Jutsu popping up, but those days are long gone. The perverted technique is used seldom nowadays, but it still has come in handy for our heroes in the Hidden Leaaf. Of course, Naruto and Boruto are the main suspects behind the jutsu, and it seems some fans miss the ero-henge more than others. After all, one fan has given the Seventh Hokage a fem makeover based on the jutsu, and it is pretty dang impressive.

Instagram Cosplayer Jannet In Cosplay shared this amazing take on a female version of the ninja that has become one of the most popular Shonen protagonists to ever appear in the publication of Weekly Shonen Jump:

As you can see, jannetincosplay went all out with their look for Naruto. The cosplayer has been keeping an eye on Boruto to see how the sequel plays out with its legacy characters. While the manga has put Sasuke and Naruto in a precarious place, this cosplay sets the latter hero in a more relaxing setting. After all, anywhere without Kara is more relaxing than a place housing the villainous organization. And when it comes to cosplaying - well, you get to choose wherever you want to shoot your look!

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