This 'Naruto' Cosplay Of Sakura And Sarada Is Insanely Good

When it comes to Naruto, fans are used to cosplays. The classic shonen series has prompted thousands of fans to dress like its heroes, but there are some who pull off their looks better than others. Over on Instagram, one fan just showed off their team cosplay of Sakura and Sarada - and it looks pretty legit.

If you check out Alena’s latest cosplays, you will see that the Russian makeup artist has been trying her hand at Naruto as of late. The anime fan has shared looks she’s done based on Minato, Kushina, Rin, Naruto, and even Konan. However, it is her cosplay of Sakura that has fans talking.

As you can see below, Alena did a grown-up take on Sakura and had a fellow cosplayer dress up as Sarada. The makeup arist cane be seen on the left with a cropped pink wig and red headband like the one Sakura wears. A fuzzy red sweater completes the cozy look, and Alena even drew in Sakura’s chakra seal on her forehead.

Most realistic Sakura and Sarada Cosplay I have ever seen! 😍 from Naruto

Sarada is also enjoying a civilian look in this cosplay. The daughter of Sakura and Sasuke isn’t touting the Uchiha clan’s symbol on her clothes, but her jet-black hair from the anime was carried over. The cosplayer went the extra mile to get Sarada’s eye color right, and the look manages to shine through even though she is wearing glasses.

Really, it’s just a shame that the frames are not as red as the one Sarada really wears.


This impressive cosplay has Naruto fans wanting to up their convention game, but these fans are not the only ones going the extra mile. Earlier this year, a mother-son cosplay of Gai and Rock Lee went viral online. The hilarious duo visited a local anime convention where they dressed as the Taijutsu experts, and they glued-on eyebrows had anime lovers dying.

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